Learn how to make HTTPS Request using PopFlow

Last published on: August 16th, 2022

The HTTPS Activity allows you to pass standard HTTP GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, and HEAD requests to external web services for the purposes of sharing and retrieving data.


The API you are calling must be CORS compliant and be HTTPS. Please allow "*".

Configuration Parameters

After opening the 'HTTPS' activity, you will get the below configuration panel:

Field Description
Method Method: selectable options are GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE, OPTIONS, and HEAD.
URL allows the user to input a properly formatted HTTP GET or POST request string.
Headers sets the headers which should be sent with each request.
Additional Options It contains the query parameter of the URL and the body of the POST request.
Save Result In sets the variable name in which to put the response

Sample HTTPS Activity

In this example, we are trying to get the information of users from the third party URL. We will be using the 'GET' request to get the user details.

  1. Select the 'HTTPS' activity from 'Activity Sidebar'.
  2. Click on 'HTTPS' activity to open and configure the 'HTTPS' activity.
  3. Click on the 'Method' option to open the list of requests, then select one request type from the list.
  1. After selecting the request type, enter the URL from which we will be fetching the data, then select the 'With Credentials' if the URL is with the Authorization key.
  1. You can set the headers which will be sent with each request.
  2. You can add multiple headers by clicking on the 'Headers' button. After clicking on the button, it will create a panel to set the header details as shown below.

Additional Options:

  • You can set the query parameter to filter the result. To add the query parameter, you need to click on the 'ADD QUERY CONDITION'. After clicking on the button, it will create a panel with 'Property' and 'Enter Value' fields.
  • You can set the query for the URL as shown below.

  • While using the 'POST' request, you can use the 'ADD CONTENT' option to sets the request data to be sent with the request as shown below.

After filling all the values in the given fields, you can close and save the activity by clicking outside of the activity panel.

You will notice two child buttons under the 'HTTPS' Activity - 'SUCCESS' and 'FAIL' as shown below.

If the response is successful, then the flow will continue down the Success path. Upon failure, the flow will continue down the Failure path.

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PopFlow for BUI uses a Web Browser vs an application executable (.Net)