Product Support and Compatibility Matrix

Overview of third-party and product compatibility for OpenMethods software.

Last published on: August 3rd, 2022

 Limitations - See Notes
 Not Supported / Untested

Browser Support

Product Chrome Edge Firefox Safari
OpenMethods Platform (Harmony & PopFlow)
Versions 86 & Above

Windows 10 Only

System Requirements

OpenMethods currently does not specify workstation requirements (memory, processing, and operating system) and bandwidth requirements. Most of those requirements rely on the particular Contact Center & CRM integration. Since OpenMethods integrates with them, OpenMethods inherits their specifications at the minimum.

Third-Party & Open Source Software (OSS) Requirements

3rd-party Software certified for OpenMethods usage is being maintained on

3rd Party Component OpenMethods Component Deployment Note

Java 11:  AdoptOpenJDK distribution OpenJDK v11.0.3

Harmony Integration Server
Config Server
Required for servers where Harmony Services are installed.

.Net Framework version 4.7.2

Processor Bridge

Required for servers where Processor Bridge is installed. 

.Net Framework version 4.7.2

Queue Adapter Required for servers where Queue Adapter is installed.

URL Whitelisting & API Endpoints


Require URL Whitelisting

  • The following URLs are required to operate OpenMethods products and services.
  • Failure to allow the URLs below will cause the platform not to function correctly.
  • OpenMethods recommends using our "Recommended Method" to provide access to all OpenMethods Services & End Points safely. 

Whitelist URL Info
Allows access to all OpenMethods Services & End Points.

If you have subdomain specific whitelisting, please whitelist the following URLs:

Whitelist URL Info
OpenMethods API
OpenMethods API GDPR
OpenMethods App Manager
OpenMethods App Manager GDPR
OpenMethods Connect API
OpenMethods Config-Server
OpenMethods Config-Server GDPR
OpenMethods Harmony Media Bar
To be provided by implementation and onboarding team.     OpenMethods Harmony Interaction Server
OpenMethods PopFlow Client
OpenMethods PopFlow Library
OpenMethods PopFlow Studio
OpenMethods PopFlow Runtime
To be provided by implementation and onboarding team. OpenMethods Queue Adapter



  • IP whitelisting is not supported - the full URL must be whitelisted.
  • Allow redirects from to


Testing Connectivity

  • Tests should be ran from the agent/client end to ensure appropriate access (firewall/whitelisting) has been provided.

Connectivity Key:

  • Green = Access
  • Red = No Access - Review URL and current whitelisting.

Oracle Service Cloud Version Compatibility

The following high-level functionality test was performed for the OpenMethods Product compatibility with the Oracle Service Cloud version. 

Oracle Version Harmony Voice Harmony Email Harmony Chat Interaction Table Queue Adapter PopFlow Designer PopFlow RunTime Click 2 Dial
Service Cloud 19D
Not Tested
Service Cloud 20A
Service Cloud 20B
Service Cloud 20C
Service Cloud 20D
Service Cloud 21B
Service Cloud 21C
Service Cloud 21D
Service Cloud 22A
Service Cloud 22B