URL Whitelisting & API Endpoints

A list of the current URL and API Endpoints needed to be whitelisted.

Last published on: February 3rd, 2023

The following URLs are required to operate OpenMethods products and services. Failure to allow the URLs below will cause the platform not to function correctly. OpenMethods recommends using our "Recommended Method" to provide access to all OpenMethods Services & End Points safely. 

⚠️ OpenMethods is constantly making updates and improvements to our Application and API architecture. To avoid missing URLs and managing a long list, we recommend that clients whitelist the following wildcards. The recommendation ensures that the most updated URLs will be automatically allowed with minimal management to your network and firewall teams. 

Whitelist URL Info
Allows access to all OpenMethods Services & End Points.

If you choose subdomain specific whitelisting, please whitelist all of the following URLs:

⚠️ This section constantly changes and introduces extensive network and firewall ruleset administration. We highly suggest using the wildcard aka "Recommended" method above.

Whitelist URL Info
OpenMethods API
⚠️ Used in version 6.9 and below.
OpenMethods API GDPR
⚠️ Used in version 6.9 and below.
OpenMethods Workflow API
⚠️ Used in version 6.10 and above.
OpenMethods Workflow API GDPR
⚠️ Used in version 6.10 and above.
OpenMethods App Manager
OpenMethods App Manager GDPR
OpenMethods Connect API
OpenMethods Connect API Websocket (Port 443)
OpenMethods Config-Server
OpenMethods Config-Server GDPR
OpenMethods Identity Service
OpenMethods Identity Service GDPR
OpenMethods Harmony Media Bar
To be provided by implementation and onboarding team.    
OpenMethods Harmony Interaction Server
OpenMethods PopFlow Client
OpenMethods PopFlow Library
OpenMethods PopFlow Studio
OpenMethods PopFlow Runtime
To be provided by implementation and onboarding team.
OpenMethods Queue Adapter

Do You Support IP Whitelisting?

No. IP whitelisting is not support. You will need to use the full URL. Additionally, you should allow redirects from openmethods.com to openmethodscloud.com.

How do I test the connectivity?

The OpenMethods Cloud Services Connectivity test can be used to test the connectivity of shared services. The test page is not password protected, and can be loaded on any agent workstation.



Use the following link for testing connectivity.


Running the connectivity test

  • Login to your OpenMethods environment.
    • Please ensure you are using a connection from your current "Agent" and "CRM" users.
    • The connection tests need to come from where your CRM users/agents will use the OpenMethods products.

  • You should see the the following when loading the page. 
    • Green dots in the Connectivity column means the service is connected
    • Red dots mean a service is likely blocked by a firewall rule:

Example of Service Connectivity

  • (OPTIONAL) Click any Service URL to show the output of the service page. Responses may include:
    • Healthy
    • Message
      • Message: GET is not supported. Please use POST.

Services & Description

Service Description What happens when this Service is down?
Config Server

Powers Experience Cloud and provides an interface to configure and store application and user configuration data.

More info about the Config Server APIs are here.

  • Cannot login

Service that provides mapping of screen-pop to agents.
More info about Connect API is here.

  • PopFlows will not execute

Provides the storage and retrieval for workflows. This is used by the designer as well as the client apps.

  • As an admin - Cannot design new PopFlows
  • As a user/agent - Cannot execute PopFlows

Powers Experience Cloud login and application endpoint access, and admin and configuration of services. This is also the central application for launching the PopFlow and configuration.

  • Cannot login
PopFlow Runtime

Library which is responsible for executing the logic of an interaction workflow, controls and automates CRM workspaces, scripts, and workflows within an application.

  • PopFlows will not execute
Identity  Create & Manage authentication for stored credentials and App Connector.
More info about the Identity APIs are here.
  • Agents will not be able to login and Media Bar.
  • Popflow Admins/Users will not be able to login and access Experience Cloud/PopFlow.
Workflow Used within PopFlow:
  • All workflow data 

  • Publishing data 

  • Publishing history 

  • Every workflow save

More info about the Workflow APIs are here.
  • Popflow designer will launch but will hang after user clicks on instance.
  • Agents will not receive screen pops.



All environments are NorthAmerica unless suffixed with GDPR. Any environments suffixed with GDPR are secured European Union (EU) sets of services.