Getting Data Overview

Learn how to use the Get Data activity in PopFlow BUI.

Last published on: November 7th, 2022

Popflow Studio makes repetitive difficult tasks that would require a developer, easy. The 'Get Data' activity is no different. The 'Get Data' activity implements the REST API's within the service cloud without having to any write code.

The 'Get Data' Activity allows you to get the data from the selected entity. You can add multiple filters to filter the data. It has three child buttons 'SINGLE MATCH', 'MULTI MATCH' and 'NO MATCH'.

After opening the 'Get Data' activity, you will get the following configuration panel.

Default Configuration Parameters

Field Description
Enter Entity Entity name to fetch the data
Enter Property Selected entity property name
Enter Value Property value to be fetched
Comparison Condition to fetch the data
Save Result In All the data fetched will be stored in this
Filters Filters to apply to the data from the selected entity.

Sample Get Data Activity

In this example, we are trying to get the contact information by using the phone number or first name of the caller.

  1. Select the 'Get data' activity from 'Activity Sidebar'.
  2. Click on 'get data' activity to open and configure the 'Get data' activity.
  3. Click on the 'Enter Entity' field to enter the 'Entity' name.
  4. Check the Fetch Details checkbox to return all columns, and select the checkbox to get all data from the selected Entity.
  1. In the Filter section, click the Enter property field. It will display the property list of the selected entity.
  2. Enter a comparison type. Options include:
    • =
    • !=
    • >
    • <
    • >=
    • <=
    • LIKE
    • IN
    • NOT IN
  3. Enter a value to perform the filtering in the Enter Value field.


You can add multiple filters in the Get Data activity by clicking on the Filters button.

  1. Once the configuration is complete, the Get Data activity will display as a formula.
  1. Close and save the activity by clicking outside of the activity panel.
  2. There will be three child flows under the Get Data activity.
    • SINGLE MATCH : if the 'get data' activity has only one value then this flow activity will execute.
    • MULTIPLE MATCH: If the 'get data' activity has multiple values then this flow activity will execute.
    • NO MATCH : If no result then this flow will execute. ~~~~