Server-Side HTTPS/Webhook

★ Preview Feature! When used Openmethods will send server-side webhook requests via OpenMethods Experience Cloud.

Last published on: November 15th, 2022

Server-Side HTTPS/Webhook

  • When the PopFlow Script executes the Server Activity, the client will make a request to to the PopFlow Server Worker. 
  • The client will use the parameters defined the Server Activity in PopFlow Studio.
  • The PopFlow Server Worker will then use the selected credentials in the Server Activity and securely use those credentials to complete the request.


Build An AppConnector First

Before you can properly use the Server Activity, a App Connect (link) record needs to be created.




How the Server-Side Activity


First, add the Server Activity.




Then configure activity options:




Server Activity Fields 

Option Description
Select Connected App The list of available Connected Apps
Method The HTTP method to be used.
Path The path of the HTTP resource.
Additional Headers Additional headers to send with the HTTP request.
Body The HTTP body to send with the request.
Timeout The amount of time to wait for the request before timing out.
Wait for result

If true, it will wait for the request to return the results.

If false, it will send the request and continue PopFlow execution immediately.