Incident Save

Learn a way to interact or to get any input from an OSC incident.

Last published on: February 1st, 2022

What it is used for

The WebBUI MediaBar has no direct relation with Oracle Service Cloud to communicate or to interact with an incident . So for this  we have added a way to interact or to get any input from the OSC incident.

This also exposes the events below to popflow.

How it works

The extension is placed on the incident workspace and exposes the following events:

Incident Load 
Incident Closing
Incident Saved
incident Tab Selected
Also it hides the Accept/Reject buttons from the incident.

How to install it


Web applications are deployed.
Config Server has been provisioned.
Customer has been added to App manager/Config server.
Harmony Integration Server and QueueAdapter are deployed and configured.
Windows Firewall setting must be enabled for required ports.
SSL certificates has been installed for Config server, QueueAdapter and Deployed applications.
Desktops can connect to the internet.
WebBUI extension has been uploaded in the oracle service cloud (RightNow instance).
If proxy needs to be enabled open access to:
Europe : *
US: *

Download the “om_incident_save.html” Incident Extension file to upload in the oracle service cloud (RightNow instance).

Login to oracle service cloud (RightNow instance) to upload the Incident Extension (Add-Ins) under Add-In Manager.

Choose Configuration => Site Configuration => Add-In Manager

To Upload the Incident Extension (Add-Ins) click on New button on top ribbon menu.

Update the details as per the customer to set the *Name.

Assign the extension to profiles
a) To assign the extension to the profiles, select any profile that needs to assign the extension and double click on it, it will open the profile interfaces.

b) Select the Agent Browser UI Extensions tab and select the checkmark as “om_incident_save” to enable the incident extension to terminate, save, load and tab-selection events. And save the changes.

After selecting the Add-Ins, select the Workspaces/Workflows tab and check the Incident editor to find the created Incident Workspaces/Workflows. 

Click on the search icon to find the location of that incident saved. See below image 

Go to the below path to open Workspaces/ Workflows.

Choose Configuration => Application Appearance => Workspaces/ Workflows

Open the incident schema to upload the Add-Ins in the incident.

Select the “Insert Control” tab and find the uploaded incident extensions (Add-Ins) drag the “om_incident_save” extension (Add-Ins) and drop in to the incident, as shown below image and save the changes.

Register Events

Now we are ready to request the incident events.

If we need to run incident event on popflow side, we can add it by clicking add button in popflow.

We can select events from drop down or we can add our own event which you want to execute.

After creating events we can add different workflows under that event by clicking on specified event.

We can add multiple workflows under that event and after designing that workflow we can publish one of them. 

Download the Incident Extension Here: