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  Queue Mapping with Rules Engine

Learn how to use the Rules Engine to map chats and emails to a CTI queue based on data contained within the interactions.

The Queue Adapter Rules Engine can Route Chats and Emails to the CTI Queue based on the available data. This data can come with the Chat Incident or Email Incident. Examples of available data include: Oracle Queue Product or Category Any Custom Field Creating a Rule in the Rules Engine Select Chat Mapping Rule. On the Service Tab, enable the Is Enab...

Published: February 24th, 2022

  Harmony .Net Media Bar Support

Information regarding the support of the .Net Media Bar

This Article Is Only Applicable For The .Net Media Bar Product-specific information is below! End of .Net Product Enhancements. OpenMethods will no longer introduce new product changes to the .Net Media Bar.  The .Net Media Bar will continue to receive product support regarding troubleshooting and potential patching. However, there will be no "new" ...

Published: June 24th, 2022

  Agent Device Selection

Allows agents to select a preferred device (mobile or softphone) while logging in to Harmony Media Bar.

Purpose The feature allows agents to select a preferred device while logging in to Harmony Media Bar. Agents now have the option to switch to the device based on where they are working, across shifts in an office, moving from one office to another across various locations, or working from home. Agents' primary and secondary extensions can be shared ...

Published: June 24th, 2022

  Harmony Chat Agent Experience Guide

Harmony Media Bar Chat User Experience Guide

Overview The purpose of this document is to explain agent experience with Harmony Media Bar Chat usage. Agent Status with Oracle Chat Server Agent logging into the Oracle Web BUI, and login to the Chat, if it is not automatically logging in, and change the status to Unrestricted. This has to be done before login to the Harmony Media Bar. Agent login...

Published: August 30th, 2022

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