Get Contact

Learn about the Get Contact activity in PopFlow BUI.

Last published on: January 31st, 2022


The ‘Get Contact' Activity allows you to get the contact data. You can add ‘Phone numbers and Emails’ filters to filter the contact data. It will get all types of ‘Numbers’ and ‘Emails’ of contact. It has three child buttons 'SINGLE MATCH', 'MULTI MATCH' and 'NO MATCH'. You can execute different activities on these buttons.

After opening the 'Get Contact' activity, you will get the below configuration panel.

Default Configuration Parameters:

  • Property: To filter the result.
  • Enter value: Property value to be fetched.
  • Comparison: Condition to fetch the data.
  • Save Result In: All of the data fetched will be stored in this.

Filters: allows you to add multiple filters while getting the contact data.

How it works:

A Simple Example to configure the 'Get Contact' activity in PopFlow Studio.

  • Select the ‘Get Contact' activity from 'Activity Sidebar’.
  • Click on ‘Get Contact' activity to open and configure the 'Get Contact’ activity.
  • Click on the 'Property' field to select the property to get the contact data on the basis of the selected property.
  • In the 'Enter Value' field enter the appropriate value to get the contact information.
  • In this example, we are trying to get the contact information by using the ‘phone number' or 'Emails’ of the caller.

  • You can add multiple filters in the 'Get Contact' activity by clicking on the filters button.
  • Select the comparison type from the comparison list as shown below:


  • You can select any one comparison in a filter.

Once the configuration of 'Get Data' activity is completed it will look like as shown below:

  • You can use the variable name or you can enter the value directly into the 'Enter Value' fields.
  • After filling the values in the given fields you can close and save the activity by clicking outside of the activity panel.
  • You will notice three child buttons under the 'Get data' Activity.

  • SINGLE MATCH: if the 'get contact' activity has only one value then this button activity will execute.
  • MULTIPLE MATCH: If the 'get contact' activity has multiple values then this button activity will execute.
  • NO MATCH: If no result then this button will execute.

You can open any activity on these buttons and can use the result of 'Get Contact' activity to execute the several activities, like on 'Single match' you can open the workspace of the customer, on 'Multiple match' you can do the 'Pop search and select' and on 'No match' you can create a contact. Below is the example to add activity and use the result of the 'Get Contact' activity.