NICE inContact Integration Feature Set

Learn about the integration and supported feature with NICE and OpenMethods.

Last published on: September 26th, 2022

Integration Feature Set & Supportability.

The following features are supported with the NICE inContact & OpenMethods Integration on both Central and Userhub environments unless otherwise noted.

Use Case Supported Features Additional Information
Agent Reason Codes Not Ready Reason Codes Information is pulled directly from inContact and displayed in the Harmony Media Bar.
Voice Interactions Answer Supported in both Media Bar & inContact Max
Hangup Supported in both Media Bar & inContact Max
Hold/Retrieve Supported in both Media Bar & inContact Max
  • Conference
  • Alternate (switch between talking to the caller or consult person)
  • Transfer

Mask Recordings:

Refer to NICE Documentation here to enable/disable this feature.

See Call Recording to trigger via PopFlow Activity.

When "masking" is enabled within NICE, the Media Bar will show recording options.

  • Start
  • Pause
  • Resume Call Recording.
After Call Work
  • Automatic Wrap-up
  • Disposition with optional Notes.
    • Required
    • Not Required
Send DTMF Supported while handling the call.
Email Interactions Supported Applicable if enabled within inContact
Chat Interactions Supported Applicable if enabled within inContact
User Data Functionality
  • Contextual User data on Call Transfers.
  • View Data attached on Interactions.
The integration supports user data pushed from inContact into the OpenMethods platform.

Non-Supported/Limited Integration Features 

The following features are currently not supported or have limitations.
Voice Use Cases Non-Supported Or Limitations Additional Information
Voice connection

Set Phone Number and Set Station ID.

Currently supported Voice Connection is "Integrated Softphone".

Blind Transfers Not Supported Not Supported in the Harmony NICE integration.
Mute Not Supported Supported by inContact
Pause Recording Not allowed when the call is on hold.
Start Recording Not allowed when the call is on hold.
Stop Recording Not Supported Once the recording is started it will be stopped when the interaction ends.
Hold Call Not allowed when the call recording is paused. Limitation
Direct Agent Outbound Call Not Supported Outbound calls directly to an agent.
Automatic Wrap-up and Disposition Not Supported with Multi-Media Currently unsupported with Email & Chat.

NICE CXone RESTful APIs Support

The OpenMethods NICE integration is leveraging most of the Admin API, Agent API, & Authentication API

Below is a breakdown of each API Set and our current Integration. Keep in mind that we are continuously improving our NICE Integration. Items currently not supported/integrated may be released in further product enhancements. 

If you would like to open a Feature Request or have an Idea to share regarding our Integrations and Products, please check out our Feature Request Portal.

Admin API

The Admin API is a collection of API calls that deal with system objects in the NICE CXone system. 

Admin API Description Integrated with Harmony
Address Book Address Book Management Yes
Agent Agent Management Yes
Contacts General Contact Management No
General General Admin Management Yes
Groups Group Management No
Lists Calling/DNC Group Management No
Commitments Schedule Callback Management No
Skills Skills/Campaign Management Yes
WorkflowData Management of Workflow Data Profiles No

Agent API

The Agent API is a set of method calls used to create, manage, and end "agent sessions". With an agent session, you are able to set the agent’s state and manage interactions (phone calls, chats, emails, voice mails, and work items).

Agent API Description Integrated with Harmony


Agent Phone Management Yes


Chat Contact Management No


Email Contact Management No


Personal Connection Management No


Phone Call Management Yes


Scheduled Callbacks Management No


Agent Session Management Yes


Supervisor Management No


Voicemail Contact Management No
WorkItems Work Items Contact Management Yes


OpenMethods currently uses API Facade per the recommended authentication from NICE inContact. See more information here.

Additional Integration Information

Check out the following articles that go deeper into additional features and functionality between Harmony and NICE inContact.